If you find this woman, please don't tell anyone! Ok? (She is ME!)

If you find this woman, please don't tell anyone! Ok? (She is ME!)

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Politics on Twitter

I am ashamed to admit that I was duped by so-called progressives on Twitter. I know better than to trust big egos and water downed liberal justice.

There is a repulsive quality found on Twitter where certain men, and I will not name names here, think they have invented the whole idea of political organization. For example, if someone tweets about progressive politics and Twitter and is not part of the “insider Nazi group” that began, let’s say a hashtag, that individual is scoffed, at best, as a moron.


When I first found the hashtag on diversity (in February 2009) about 4 people were having a discussion that I watched on monitter.com. It was most likely at the tail end. I DM’d the leader, but he didn’t respond. Then I DM’d another participant. I asked, “How can I join this discussion?”

She replied, “You’ll have to ask the leaders.”

I should have known right at that moment that I was doomed. This wasn’t about democratic justice, it was about egos.

The “leader” did respond later that night and we had a nice, long Facebook exhange. When I mentioned the name calling and insult slinging that seemed common, I was told it wasn’t that bad or that common.

Not true.

The namecalling, insult slinging and down right rudeness is internally and externally apparent.

Immature men, whether hippies or pundits or just plain assholes, need to stay away from politics. Or, I guess, more appropriately, I need to stay away from them.

I will never vote for them, that is for sure, and I will never engage in their so called Twitter movement either. Movement toward what? A bunch of disgruntled, frustrated mostly white men who can only think in terms of binary oppositions. How tired.

I did get duped, but never again.

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Oxfam Great Britain thrown out of Northern Sudan, Must raise 100K in 24 hours!

The lives of Sudanese families depend on your willingness to help with a donation to Oxfam, the world’s most respected charity.

Please, pass on this information and learn more about Sudan, too. Together we can help save lives.


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Turning a Blind Eye Toward Africa, again!


Bill Gates should be shut down. He is a menace to the world. He has too much money and is looking for too big of tax write off.  He hired people without ANY sense at all of Africa’s problems.

This blog evolves before my eyes into WHAT AMERICANS CONTINUE TO IGNORE. I ask you, Americans, why?

Why do you ignore the hundreds of thousands of children and families starving as we sit here today? Why do you think that someone as soulless as Bill Gates could “fix” the problem with tons of money?

How is that you turn a blind eye not only toward magnificent Africa and her brain drain, but you continue to allow our best universities to become appendages  of Monsanto, Pioneer and USDA?

Is it so hard to imagine being an African small scale subsistence farmer who still has a little land?

from the article:

“The Oakland Institute, a left-leaning think tank in California, this week released a report highly critical of the Gates-led Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, or AGRA. While the Community Alliance for Global Justice, a grass-roots group in Seattle, formed AGRA Watch, which, like other critics, “demands that the Gates Foundation be more transparent in its endorsements of policies and more accountable to its stated goals.”

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Click on the Literacy Site Daily = Make it your homepage

The Literacy Site
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Sex Slave Scandal in Foreign Exchange Student Industry


This opinion piece thrusts open the lack of concern demonstrated by the US Department of State, the government agency in charge of high school aged foreign exchange students in this country.

Although some of the hundreds of companies that bring foreign students into the USA are nonprofits, most of them are in it for the money. Lots of it, too.

As a former temporary employee of such an organization, I can attest to the fact that they are corrupt, law breaking, greedy liars. That is the just the beginning.

Please write to change.org and the US State Department and urge reforms now before summer begins and tens of thousands of unprotected teens from foreign nations enter this country.

Help them.

check out Committee for the Safety of Foreign Exchange Students for more information.


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Brand New Today! Nature Conservancy’s Report on Florida


Beautiful & informative JUST RELEASED Nature Conservancy’s Report

News Release: Report Highlights Economic Benefits of Conservation Land and Value of Florida Forever Program

This morning, the Florida Chapter of The Nature Conservancy released a new report on the economic benefits of conservation land and the value of Florida Forever. The MRC worked with Florida’s GR staff and our partners in the Florida Forever Coalition to produce the report. It will be shared with legislators this week and has been shared already with reporters in Tallahassee. Attached is the news release that went out this morning to news media statewide.

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An Inarticulation of Postmodernism

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Political Economy Glossary

Look to this website for terms about the political economy. We may all need them soon — revolution is coming!

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Student Loan Companies Lie, Cheat & Steal


There isn’t enough space or time to go into the details of student loans. I decided back in the early 1990s that student loans were corrupt when Southwest Student Services (closed down now) would not show me the paperwork of my contract. They said I owed them for 30 years over $40K. I told them it was $17K for 10 years.

Stories of these problems are common. For over 10 years I paid over $330 a month.

Since Southwest Student Services was closed my loans have been sold to some very mean people who call me up and say, “You will never get your student loans paid – you owe $80K now!”

I tell them they are criminals. THEY ARE!

Did you know that bankruptcy laws state that student loans cannot be considered?


President Obama needs to lead this country to a place of honesty and trust. He said those exact words last night.

If you haven’t been mistreated and cheated on your student loans then you couldn’t possibly understand. It is the CONSOLIDATION process that is corrupt with GOVERNMENT and BANK loans.

Also, several of my Stafford loans were given to me with the explicit intention of forgiveness IF I became a special education teacher for at-risk youth. I wrote my three year dissertation study on being just that and NEVER got any loans forgiven (I was told the years or school or something didn’t apply).

Do not think that I will allow the lies to continue.

Stand up, people! WAKE UP!

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